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Facing our Fears – Coronavirus

GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU, in the midst of an unprecedented time in our lives.  Over the course of the next few days, I am attempting to connect with you either by snail mail, an e-mail or through our church website.  Perhaps you will get all three, if you are connected through technology!

I am sure this is not a surprise announcement:  We will be suspending our church services for the foreseeable future.  We will closely monitor the virus and follow the CDC, and let you know when we can safely worship and fellowship together again.

Over the past two decades, I can recall two other times when the fear and anxiety level of Americans

Reached the level where we are today.  The first being the anxiety associated with the Y2K scare as our calendars and computers turned from 1999 to the year 2000.  The second being the level of fear and anxiety we felt after September 11, 2001.  We eventually pulled through both of these challenging circumstances as a nation.

Today, our level of fear and anxiety is just as great as the previous two events or even greater.  The fear and anxiety level associated with the coronavirus feels different in at least two ways.  First, this crisis has and will last longer than the previous mentioned events.  Secondly, this feels different because of a newly coined phrase we have heard hundreds of times in the past week: ‘Social Distancing’.

While churches were packed after 9-11 (at least for a few weeks), as we found comfort in God and being together, this time around, because of social distancing, our churches are empty.  At just the time when we need to be together, to encourage and draw strength from one another, we are told to be apart for our own health and safety.

We will creatively adapt our ministry so we can continue to connect and encourage one another.  I close this brief note with a quote from Corrie Ten Boom…

 “If you look at the world, you will be distressed.

If you look within, you will be depressed.

If you look at CHRIST, you will be at rest.”


Q:  What is the reasoning behind not having services during this time?

A:  Obviously the health, safety and welfare of our church family is our number one priority. We also have a biblical responsibility to submit to our governmental authorities.  Romans 13:1-4

Q:  When will we be back to our normal schedule?

A:  Obviously no one knows.  We will rely on the recommendations of our governmental officials and health experts.

Q:  What about the economic impact of this crisis

A:  Please let us know if you know of someone in our church family who is in financial need.  We can respond through our benevolent fund.

Q:  What about the church finances during this crisis?

A:  Thankfully, due to the faithful giving of our church family, we are in a strong financial position.  However, we obviously have ongoing expenses and missions support.  If you are able to continue to give, you may do so through our online giving   or by mailing your contribution to the church.

Q:  How can we stay connected as a church family?

A:  Our tentative plans are to have a weekly sermon  from Pastor Ron on our church website.  We are also investigating a video option through a You Tube channel (details to be announced).  ThIs week’s sermon will be available on the website by Sunday morning. Other ways to stay connected are through social media, phone calls, a written note or encouragement (perhaps to those who are isolated in nursing homes).  Pastor Ron is also available for personal meetings with appropriate social distancing.  Please call the church office at 734-428-8709 or Pastor Ron’s cell at 616-848-8858.

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