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Coronavirus Update #3

The CDC has now recommended that the precautionary measures for coronavirus be extended until April 30, 2020. Community Bible Church will follow the steps laid out in that we will not meet in groups of more than 10 people, and that those who do meet will keep a distance of 6-8 feet apart. Click here for more coronavirus information. The church will update Announcements on Tuesdays regarding the life of the church in respect to the coronavirus.

This means that we will continue to have online worship throughout the month of April. Pastor Ron will continue his weekly sermons, and they will be posted by Sunday mornings. There is now an Online Worship tab on the menu that will take you to the extended Worship Service as we add songs etc. to the recording of the sermon. You may continue to access the sermon under the Sermon tab which will have the sermon only. DVDs of the worship service are available upon request. Let Pastor Ron know you would like one.

We do plan to have a more robust worship time on Easter with music and an Easter drama included with the sermon.

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