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The 3 Open Prayer 

Evangelist and missionary, Ron Hutchcraft introduced me to the ‘3 Open Prayer’ many years ago.  This prayer is based on 3 verses from Scripture and is a way to begin praying as we think about sharing the gospel with others.

1. “Lord, open the door” (an opportunity to share the gospel)
Colossians 4:3 “And pray for us that God may open a door
For our message.”

2. Lord, open a person’s heart to the gospel.  Acts 16:14. “The
Lord opened Lydia’s heart to respond to Paul’s message.”

3. Lord, open my mouth to clearly share the gospel.  Colossians 4:4
“Pray that I may proclaim the gospel clearly, as I should.”

Open doors are all around us as we look for creative ways to share the gospel.  In
the midst of the covid-19 global pandemic, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associa-
tion began offering a 24 hour telephone prayer line in mid-March.  Thousands
have called the prayer line seeking prayer and encouragement and more than
3,000 have made decisions for Jesus Christ!!  Yes! In the midst of uncertainty and
fear, we have an open door to share the hope of Jesus Christ and the good news
of the gospel.  Let’s begin praying that God will open a door, open a heart and last
but not least, open our mouths to share the gospel!

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