Worship: 10:00 am Sundays
Nursery: 10:00 am Sundays
Sunday School: 11:30 am Sundays
New phone number: (734) 530-1800

Free Resources Available for Us

Bible Studies:

Hebrews Bible Study Reformed Theological Seminary

Prayer by R. C. Sproul at Ligonier Ministry

(Note for Bible Studies: If you are having trouble loading the video, you may have to watch at a different time when there is less traffic on the internet.)

Christian Organizations:

Focus on the Family resources for family, marriage, and issues of the current day. 

Sharelife University Evangelism Explosion’s online training platform in how to share the Gospel.

Family Research Council resources for family and issues of today including prayer guides.

Prayer Guides

30 Days of Prayer for the Church, the Nation and the World

Pray the Bible Way

Training How to Pray

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