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Jr. Church

April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday

Easter Lesson This PDF contains a lot of material. Just scroll down till you get to the actual lesson.

Lesson Picture

Lesson Coloring page This PDF contains a lot of resources. There is a coloring page of the empty tomb.

Workpage Prek-1st

Workpage 2nd-3rd Grade

Bible Memory Versehttps://5mt.communitybiblemanchester.org/2020/04/EA1_Memory-Verse-Poster.pdf

More Coloring pages and crafts


April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday Lesson Material for parents to do at home with your children.

PreK- 1st Palm Sunday Lesson could also be used for the older children

PreK-1st Coloring page worksheet

PreK-1st Coloring sheets that could be used also as decorations

2nd-3rd Grade worksheet with memory verse

Memory Verse Song and other songs for Unit 8

I John 1:8-9

Clean My Heart

God Looks at the Inside

Memory Verse Song and other songs for Unit 7

Joshua 1:9

God is Faithful

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